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BOISE JAIALDI 2015 (Uztailak 30)

El evento


Thursday, July 30

Sports Night – CenturyLink Arena, 7 p.m. – $15 (includes ticketing fees)
Weight lifters from the Basque Country will test their strength by lifting cylinders weighing 250-400 pounds and stone balls weighing 350 pounds. Woodchoppers will test their skills against each other, and traditional farm sports competitors will throw hay bales, lift wagons, and see who can carry milk cans the farthest.

Street Dance – Basque Block, approximately 8:45 p.m. – Free
Join us for dancing with music by LUHARTZ and THE CRAZY WHEELS.

Basque Block Open – Basque Block, noon-midnight – Free
Grab some food, get a drink, and enjoy Basque music with old and new friends.

LHRTZ erromeria Estatu Batuetan – BLOGa –

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